Postavke pristupačnosti

Survey questionnaire

1. Sex
2. Age
3. How did you travel? / How did you get here?
4. Length of stay in Slavonia and Podravina
5. The medium through which you received information about Slavonia and Podravina destination, ie where you saw the message / curiosity / information that prompted you to visit us.
Printed media
Direct contact
6. What kind of information about Slavonia and Podravina impressed you the most?
7. What contents did you consume during your stay?
8. Rate the tourist facilities in Slavonia and Podravina (the that you visited) with a rating of 0 (0 = I did not use the content), or from 1 to 5 (1 = disappointment, 2 = not satisfied, 3 = purely OK! , 4 = very good, 5 = I'm thrilled)
Noblemen's route
Outdoor activities
Food and wine/drinks offer
9. Did you get what you expected?
10. What is your impression of the price-quality ratio?
11. Would you recommend Slavonia and Podravina destination to family, friends or acquaintances?
12. Are you interested in revisiting Slavonia and Podravina destination?
13. Please briefly describe your impressions of the trip, feel free to present your critiques, ideas, compliments and observations. (Optionally!)