Postavke pristupačnosti

Slavonia and Podravina

Experience the Unexpected

Imagine a landscape in which a mysterious and powerful mountain meets gentle valleys, idyllic pastures with volcanos extinguished long ago, a mystic river and crystal streams... Imagine now in that landscape elegant castles, noblemen’s summer houses and manors, remnants of ancient towns and churches – artistic treasures surrounded by lush parks, testimonies of love and solidarity, places of peace and spirituality. Imagine also diligent people and their estates, the scent and taste of tradition, a life fully compliant with the preserved nature. Do you think I am telling you a fairytale? Most certainly not! I am telling you a very real and unexpectedly exciting story full of experiences to be found in one of the most beautiful parts of continental Croatia, at the very junction of Slavonia and Podravina. Experience the unexpected in the Virovitica-Podravina region and then see for yourself if all of this is truly a fairytale that you wish never to leave.